School of Pharmacy organized delegates to attend the 7th International Peptide Symposium in Singapor

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During 9th to 11th in December, A/Prof. Huan Yang, Mr. Guohua Xia, and six students including Huawu Yin, Jie Zheng, Haiyan wang, Ying Zhou, Pintian Yu and undergraduate Yi Lu, attended the 7thInternational Peptide Symposium in Singapore.

This conference was hosted by the Nanyang Technology University and the ASTAR of Singapore. During the conference, more than 30 famous professors from University of Cambridge, Harvard University, University of Tokyo, University of Queensland, Tsinghua University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong and other international famous universities presented their research on peptides. The students of our school actively communicated with professors, PhD students and company executives. At the end of the conference, the delegations of our school visited the laboratory in Nanyang Technology University.

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