School of Pharmacy holds "Wukesong Forum"

Time:2020-12-04 Onclick:

On December 4th, the College of Pharmacy held "Wukesong Forum" on the theme of ‘the identification and application of ten common Chinese herbal medicines’ which is aimed to enhance students' professional interest. This forum invited Associate Professor Zou Yanmin, from the School of Pharmacy to give a lecture, and nearly 200 students attended.

Asso. Prof. Zou Yanmin focused on the concepts, basic theories, properties and usage of Traditional Chinese medicines, as well as the identification and application of common Chinese herbs. Zou vividly related the application of Chinese herbs and the daily life by showing the students with the pictures of ten common Chinese herbal medicines, and explained their properties and usage, which deepened the students' understanding of Traditional Chinese medicines. The condition of the medicinal plants garden in our school was also introduced in order to encourage the students to positively learn knowledge and get close observation on Chinese herbal medicine.

This informative lecture is closely connected with students' major and enhanced students' interest in traditional Chinese medicine culture.

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