The School of Pharmacy held a safety production work conference and professional emergency drills

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      On the afternoon of January 8th, 2020, the safety production work conference of our hospital was held in the lecture hall group 110, and professional emergency drills and evacuation drills were conducted. The meeting was presided over by Feng Chunlai, deputy dean of the School of Pharmacy. Wu Yunlong, chief of the Laboratory Technical Safety Section (Hazardous Chemicals Management Center) of the School of Equipment Division, and Wei Ran, a professional safety officer of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, were invited to conduct training. Graduate students and some personnel from the Logistics Property Service Center participated in this meeting and drill.

       At the meeting, Section Chief Wu interpreted the "Regulations on Work Safety Responsibility System" and laboratory safety management documents and other policies, and emphasized the importance of safe production in a way of combining with case stories. Secretary Wei Yuan summarized the problems and deficiencies in the daily safety inspection process of the School of Pharmacy, and Dean Xu Ximing gave instructions on the safety production work in 2020.

      Through this training and exercise, the publicity and education of laboratory safety production have been strengthened, teachers and students' awareness of laboratory safety protection and operation specifications have been improved, and the emergency response ability of teachers and students to laboratory hazardous materials leakage accidents has also been enhanced. In order to solve the insufficiency of safety work on weekdays, an improvement plan was proposed. Our institute will continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important inst ructions on work safety, and promote the implementation of the "Provisions on Work Safety Responsibility System".

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