The chief scientist for The 973 Program Yaping Li pays academic visit to School of Pharmacy

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                    The chief scientist for The 973 Program Yaping Li pays academic visit to School of Pharmacy
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                        On April 12, Dr. Yaping Li, director of the Center for Drug Delivery System at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to School of Pharmacy to discuss in research collaboration and graduate student training with faculties of the School of Pharmacy. After discussion, Dr. Li made a presentation entitled "Nano-drugs for anti-tumor metastasis and reversal of tumor resistance" in the room 1101, lecture hall. In the presentation, Dr. Zhang introduced his latest research in anti-tumor drugs in detail. The lecture was chaired by Professor XU Xi-ming, the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, and more than 100 students and faculties attended the lecture.


                        Dr. Li is an adjunct professor of the School of Pharmacy. He was also appointed as chief scientist for the National Basic Research Program of China (The 973 Program), winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, “One Hundred Talents Programme” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Li is a recipient of several major research funds both from The 973 program, National 863 High-Tech Program, National Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Li has gotten fruitful results in drug targeted delivery system research including design, building of a variety of nano-drug delivery systems for anti-tumor metastasis and reducing tumor resistance, for improving chemotherapy efficacy or reducing the side effects, as well as novel non-viral vector for improving nucleic acid transfection efficiency, and its characteristics and mechanisms of action; improvement of absorption of a number of poorly soluble drugs and candidates by using preparation technology. He has over 80 peer-reviewed international journal publications including Nat Med、Adv Mater、ACS Nano、Adv Funct Mater、Small、Biomaterials、Nanomedicine NBM、J Control Release、Mol Pharmaceut、Biomacromolecule. Dr. Li also has gotten fruitful results in drug discovery and development. 9 drugs received New Drug Certificate, 5 compounds received Clinical Trial Approval (4 compounds are innovative drug), 3 new drugs have been applied for SFDA approval, and he has applied for more than 50 patents (authorized 16).

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