School of Pharmacy succeeded in organizing the competition of making plant specimens

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                    School of Pharmacy succeeded in organizing the competition of making plant specimens
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                        On 11/11/2012 morning, the competition of making plant specimens was jointly organized and launched by the Youth Association and the Planning Division of the School of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Lecture Hall, the judges present for the event included the president of Student Association Li-ping Qi, the president of Association for Science and Technology Li-fang Yu, and the president of Society Association Xian-cheng Yang. And, the event has also attracted parents accompanying their children out of the university to participate the activities.

                        At the beginning of the event, the host played the video of specimen making protocol, and then announced the rules of the competition, the activities and the assessment method in detail. During the event, players enjoyed the activities with their best performance. Beyond these, the organizer has also involved audiences into some interactive games such as ‘Who is the undercover’, ‘Intelligence checkpoints’, which greatly motivated the audience and created live circumstance in the place. After the specimens have been prepared, the players showcased their works on stage and talked about their design ideas. Through this competition, they have fully exhibited their great ability of imagination and creativity to produce exquisite specimens, and their wonderful speech won rounds of applause in the scene.

                        Finally, the 13th team raised themselves above the others after assessment by judges, and was awarded ‘Star for Making Specimen’. In addition, the 14th team won the ‘Best Creativity Award’, the 11th team won the ‘Most Concerned Award’, and the 12th team was awarded the ‘Most Skillful Craftsmen’. This event has not only enriched the extracurricular lives of college students, but exercised the practical ability of students and cultivated their sense of team, and laid a solid foundation for their future development.

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