School of Pharmacy kicks off the 4th Ph.D. forum

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                    School of Pharmacy kicks off the 4th Ph.D. forum
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                        The first session of the 4th Ph.D. forum was held in the pharmacy building auditorium room 1101 in the afternoon of November 28. Dr. Jing Sun from China Pharmaceutical University delivered a talk entitled “Research on the effects of WIN55,212-2 on the survival, proliferation, and differentiation of the oligodendrocyte precursor cells, as well as the complex myelin, under cerebral ischemic injury conditions”. Dr. Mengjie Rui from Shanghai Jiaotong University delivered a talk entitled “Research on the use of the recombinant high density lipoprotein (HDL) particles as the imaging and gene delivery agents”.


                        The forum was presided over by Professor Ximing Xu, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. Around 150 students and faculty members attended the forum.

                        The Ph.D. forum has been held in School of Pharmacy for four times, and has been able to serve as a scientific platform on which, through each speaker’s reporting his research progress, the students and faculty members were given an opportunity to broaden their scientific horizon and to enhance scientific interactions.

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