Teachers and students of our school participated in Jiangsu ten thousands Program-“new drug creates elites” academic winter camp and achieved good results

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From 18th Jan. to 24th, Jiangsu ten thousands Program-“new drug creates elites” academic winter camp went on smoothly, which was hosted by Jiangsu education department and organized by China Pharmaceutical University and China Medical City. Through self-enrollment and selection, our school selected 10 students, who were led by associate professor Yuan Zhu, and they actively participated in the winter camp.

The winter camp aimed to promote education with the cooperation between industry, study and research and focused on cultivating future leaders in the field of medicine. It had various forms and substantial contents, including frontier disciplines and industry development reports, high-quality enterprises visits, innovation and entrepreneurship forums, group discussions and project reports. Thus, it provides a platform for students to learn, communicate and show their talents. In the final group project report, teachers and students of our school fully showed the demeanor of Jiangsu University and achieved good results. The ninth group won the best creative team with the guidance of associate professor Yuan Zhu. Xiaoman Fan, the fourth group’s leader and project reporter, won the best style team and the excellent campers. Yunqiu Chen, on behalf of the second group, reported projects and won the excellent campers.



Through abundant activities, intensive group discussions and project reports, students have acquired skills and trained the excellent quality of being realistic and innovation.


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