Summer Holiday Social Practice:Participating in Labor Education, Experiencing work resumption

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In late July 2020, the School of Pharmacy organized occupational experiences practice with the theme of ‘facilitating the resumption of work and production and restarting a better life" in order to enable students to understand the status quo of enterprises and people's living conditions after work resumption. More than 150 students participated in this practice at their hometown all over the country.

Occupational Experiences Practice is an annual event targeting sophomores from school of pharmacy, Jiangsu University. This theme-focused education is an important part of the construction project of the ideological and political education in School of Pharmacy. This activity is an important measure to push the student to considering career planning and promote their operational capability. This activity has greatly promoted ‘Three aspects of Education’. At the same timethis is an important opportunity for the student to receive labor education, which can give students easier access to panorama of China.

Occupational Experiences Practice requested students to make full use of books and Internet based on class courses to have a broad understanding of the duties and specifications of different occupations so as to make feasible career experience plans and carry out internship no less than seven days.

In this summer holiday, more than 150 students from School of Pharmacy are getting deeper perception of occupational duties and properties through internship in pharmaceuticals industry. In addition, this process helped them fill the gap between campus and society which is a transition make them perceive sense of achievements and happiness brought by the occupation.

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