Co-produced anti-epidemic sachets to help students' health.

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The important role played by Chinese medicine in the prevention and control of this epidemic has been widely recognized. Traditional Chinese medicine sachets originated from the "dressing therapy" in Chinese medicine. The sachets are also called "perfumed medicine bags". They are made from traditional Chinese medicine. Since ancient times, folks of our country have the custom of wearing sachets to prevent diseases and drive away mosquitoes.  Carrying a sachet is like carrying "a green air purifier" with you.  

When some graduate students have returned to school and the senior students are about to return, in order to ensure and promote their health, on May 6th, organized by the Party Committee of the school of Pharmacy, the activity of "making anti-epidemic sachets to help students' health" was carried out in the 1308 laboratory, and anti-epidemic sachets were made for every student returning to school. Feng Chunlai from the Jiu San Academy, Liu Hanqing from the Democratic League, and Jin Guofan from outside the Party also participated. More than 300 sachets, full of love, embody the care of the college Party Committee and non-party people for every student returning to school and embody the spirit of uniting against the epidemic.

After that, Liu Zhengxin, deputy secretary of the school’s Party Committee and vice dean, personally distributed the sachets to the student dormitory. At the same time, she brought the concern and greetings of the school’s Party Committee and non-party people to every returning student.  "Sachet Hyun" has become a new fashion for the college students for a while, and every sachet conveys a strong sense of Chinese medicine and firm confidence in fighting against the epidemic.

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