The School of Pharmacy held 320 Mental Health Month

Time:2020-03-20 Onclick:

There are tens of thousands of epidemic prevention measures, the first is to wash your hands frequently.In order to respond to the countrys call to fight the epidemic, and to allow students to face the epidemic with a positive attitude, the School of Pharmacy held one of the 320 activities on March 21th Take the "hands" to fight the epidemic and punch in the hand-washing dance. Spread the right way of washing your hands to prevent diseases from getting on your hands. A total of more than 70 students participated in the anti-epidemic activity of hand washing dance.

The activity was carried out online. Without gatherings, a hand-washing dance video was released in the QQ group. The hand-washing dance video incorporates scientific protection knowledge into fun and daily hand-washing steps into brisk music. The format is novel and easy to learn. Online students participated actively, took photos and videos and shared them in the group chat.

At the end of the event, everyone shared their hand-washing music in the QQ group. Through learning and promoting hand-washing dance, everyone can further develop good hygiene habits under the severe epidemic situation, and then be able to face life with a healthy attitude.

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