The college of Pharmacy held a seminar on education

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On The morning of November 18, the college of Pharmacy in the college of Pharmacy 1301 conference room held three complete education work seminar, the meeting by the College of Pharmacy Party Secretary Lu Jie presided over, the college of pharmacy all the leading group members, counselors and administrative staff participated in the discussion.

Convey Lu Jie first secretary and YanXiaoHong Yuan Shou its principal in jiangsu university in advance will "three full" comprehensive reform and fourth students work conference speech spirit, in certain work over the past five years, on the basis of how to further improve the understanding, emancipate the mind, perfecting the mechanism, build synergy, perfect, scientific and effective system of education.

At the meeting, Wei Yuan talked about how to highlight the effect of educating people, improve the quality of training; Liu Zhengxin talked about the active understanding of the spirit of learning, will actually three complete education work into practice; Feng Chunlai talked about how to improve the traditional mode of work, brave innovation; Tong Shanshan talked about completing the change from teaching to educating, highlighting the students' principal position and mobilizing teachers' enthusiasm; Other participants combined with their own work to talk about the three integrity education work and improve the work of suggestions.

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