School of Pharmacy organized emergency drills and firefighting drills

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On January 5th, the School of Pharmacy organized a professional emergency drill and fire drill in order to improve the emergency rescue and evacuation capabilities after the leakage of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory, and improve the organization ability to respond to fire emergency incidents. This drill could not only enhance teachers and students’ emergency avoidance skills and firefighting awareness effectively, but also create a safe, stable and harmonious campus environment.

First, freshmen, teachers, and laboratory safety officers participated in the mobilization meeting hosted by Lu Jie (secretary of the School of Pharmacy Party Committee) and Tong Shanshan (vice dean in charge of the laboratory) in classroom 1101 of the School of Pharmacy. All teachers, students including students from overseas colleges and laboratory safety officers participated in the observation of an emergency drill for leakage of hazardous reagents conducted by School of Pharmacy. The drill simulated the emergency treatment after the leakage of dangerous reagents and explained the use of the emergency spray device, so that the students could understand the self-rescue process of dangerous chemical leakage treatment, and further improved the safety awareness.

Subsequently, the firefighting drill for safe evacuation kicked off amid the rapid sirens. Relevant departments of the college arrived at designated positions in accordance with the safety evacuation drill plan and organized the teachers and students of Building No. 1 and No. 2 to take precautions in accordance with the fire control procedures. Then evacuated them to a safe area quickly and orderly along the designated route. Finally, the firefighting department of the School Security Office conducted a simulation of the fire scene, and operated operating procedures of the fire extinguisher. They guided teachers and students to perform practical operations and learn correct use of fire extinguishers.

Through this training and drill, teachers and students have strengthened the emergency response and self-rescue ability in the case of laboratory hazardous materials leaks and fires, and improved their awareness of safety precautions. We will continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping important instructions on safe production work, and promote the implementation of "Provisions on the Work Safety Responsibility System".

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