Jing Gao

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Education background

Studied in Nanjing University from 1984 and received PhD in 1994, worked there as the director of the Institute of Materia Medica till 2006.Has been to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a visiting professor in Department of Structure and Cell Biology from 1998 to 1999. Moved to Jiangsu University School of Pharmacy in the end of 2006.

Main research fields

Active components of natural product against hepatotoxicity and neurotoxicity;

New drugs (such as anticancer drug) discovery and development;

Mitochondrial mechanisms underlying neuroprotection and hepatoprotection of natural products or anticancer effect of novel synthesized compounds.

Recent grants

1. The antivirus and anticancer effects of pyrimidofuroxan-nucleosides, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2006-2008(No. 30572240).

2. Neuroprotective effects of asitic acid against neurotoxicity, Grants from Jiangsu University, 2007-2009 (07JDG012).

3. Anticancer effect and mechanisms of Mn-pyridine complex, Natural Science Research Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 2008-2011(BK2008244).

4. Research on epigenetic mechanisms of nuclear α-synucle in on histone acetylation modification -PGC-1α-mitochondrial axle, Natural Science Research Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 2008-2011 (BK2008249).

5. The breakthrough of gliomas’ therapy——research of the pyridine manganese on tumor targeting, Society developing program of Zhenjiang, 2008-2011(SH2008072).

Recent papers

1. Xu MF, Xiong YY, Qian JJ, Zhu L, Gao J, Asiatic acid attenuates glutamate-induced cognitive deficits in mice and apoptosis in SH-SY5Y cells. Acta Pharmacology Sinica, 2012, In press.

2. Xu JJ, Dai XM, Liu HL, Guo WJ, Gao J, Wang CH, Li WB, Yao QZ, A novel 7-Azaisoindigo derivative-induced cancer cell apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction mediated by oxidative stress. Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2011, 31(2): 164-172.

3. Tang XH, Yan LF, Gao J, Ge HY, Yang HD, Lin N, Optimization of extraction process and investigation of antioxidant effect of polysaccharides from the root of Limonium sinense Kuntze. Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2011, 7(27): 186-192.

4. Zhou DF, Chen QY, Qi Y, Fu HJ, Li Z, Zhao KD, Gao J, Anticancer Activity, Attenuation on the Absorption of Calcium in Mitochondria, and Catalase Activity for Manganese Complexes of N-Substituted Di (picolyl) amine. Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50(15): 6929-6937.

5. Tao GP, Chen QY, Yang X, Zhao KD, Gao J, Targeting cancer cells through iron (III) complexes of di (picolyl) amine modified silica core-shell nanospheres. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2011, 86(1):106-110.

6. Chen QY, Fu HJ, Zhu WH, Qi Y, Ma ZP, Zhao KD, Gao J, Interaction with DNA and different effect on the nucleus of cancer cells for copper (II) complexes of N-benzyl di (pyridylmethyl) amine. DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 2011, 40(17): 4414-4420.

7. Parmar MY, Shah PA, Gao J, Gandhi TR, Hepatoprotection through regulation of voltage dependent anion channel expression by Amomum subulatum Roxb seeds extract. Indian journal of pharmacology, 2011, 43(6): 671-675.

8. Guo WJ, Ye SS, Cao N, Huang J, Gao J, Chen QY, ROS-mediated autophagy was involved in cancer cell death induced by novel copper(II) complex. Expertmental and Toxicologic Pathology, 2010, 62(5): 577-582.

9. Tang XH, Chen J, Yang XL, Yan LF, Gao J, Preservation on calcium homeostasis is involved in mitochondrial protection of Limonium sinense against liver damage in mice. Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2010, 6(23): 191-197.

10. Xiong YY, Ding HQ, Xu MF, Gao J, Neuroprotective effects of Asiatic Acid against Parkinson-like injury of SH-SY5Y cells and motor deficient of mutant drosophilas. Journal of Neurochemistry, 2010,115(suppl.1): 55-55.

11. Liu HL, Xu JJ, Gao J, Yao QZ, Liu F, Both DNA Damage and Mitochondrial Dysfunction were involved in Novel Oxadiazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine Nucleoside derivatives-induced cancer cell death. Journal Applied Toxicology, 2009, 29(6): 489-492.

12. Xiong YY, Ding HQ, Xu MF, Gao J, Protective Effects of Asiatic Acid on Rotenone- or H2O2-Induced Injury in SH-SY5Y Cells. Neurochemistry Research, 2009, 34(4): 746-754.

13. Chen QY, Huang J, Guo WJ, and Gao J, Synthesis, characterization, DNA interaction and cytotoxic activities of copper complexes with ethyl 2-[bis (2-pyridylmethyl) amino] propionate.Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2009, 72(3): 648-653.

14. Chen G., Wei DP, Jia LJ, Tang B, Shu L, Zhang K, Xu Y, Gao J, Huang XF, and Jiang WH, Oral delivery of tumor-targeting Salmonella exhibits promising therapeutic efficacy and low toxicity.Cancer science, 2009, 100(12): 2437-2443.

15. Chen QY, Huang J, Li JF, Gao J, Synthesis, Interaction with Mitochondrial and Cancer Cells of a Dinuclear Manganese(II) Complex: Mn-2(Adpa)(2)Cl-4. Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2008, 24: 1789-1793.

16. Tang XH, Gao J, Chen J, Xu LZ ,Tang Y, Zhao XN, and Michael L, Mitochondrial modulation is involved in the hepatoprotection of Limonium sinense extract against liver damage in mice.Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2008, 120(3): 427-431.

17. Ding HQ, Gao J, Zhu ZR, Xiong YY, and Liu JK, Mitochondrial dysfunction enhances susceptibility to oxidative stress by down-regulation of thioredoxin in human neuroblastoma cells.Neurochemical research, 2008, 33(1): 43-50.

18. Tang XH, Gao J, Chen J, Xu LZ, Tang Y, Dou H, Yu W, and Zhao XN, Expression of VDAC regulated by extracts of Limonium sinense Ktze root against CCl4-induced liver damage. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2007, 8(3): 204-213.

19. Gao J, Zhu ZR, Ding HQ, Qian Z, Zhu L, and Ke Y, Vulnerability of neurons with mitochondrial dysfunction to oxidative stress is associated with down-regulation of thioredoxin. Neurochemistry international, 2007, 50(2): 379-385.


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