Shanshan Tong

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Shanshan Tong


Ph.D., Associate Professor

Education and Experience:

2015.1-2016.1 Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California.

2007.9-2012.12 M.D., Laboratory Medical Science, Jiangsu University

1999.9-2004.6 M.S., Pharmaceutical Analysis, China Pharmaceutical University.

1991.9-1995.6 B.Sc., Chemistry, Soochow University

Research Interests:

① Pharmaceutical Analysis, i.e. the quality evaluation of novel particulate drug delivery systems and validation for the quality control of chemical drugs and traditional Chinese medicines (TCM).

② Acquisition of active natural compounds in combination high-throughput screening technology.

Selected Publications:

①.Shanshan Tong, Min Fu, Xia Cao, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Chengxue Yi, Qianfeng Zhen, Hui Zhong, Jiangnan Yu, Ximing Xu. Lipid raft stationary phase chromatography for screening anti-tumor components fromGalla chinensis.Chromatographia.77(5-6):419-429, 2014.

②.Shanshan Tong, Chaonan Sun, Xia Cao, Qianfeng Zheng, Huiyun Zhang, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Yingshu Feng, Yan Yang, Jiangnan Yu, Ximing Xu. Development and thermodynamic evaluation of novel lipid raft stationary phase chromatography for screening potential anti-tumor agents.Biomed Chromatogr.2014. DOI 10.1002/bmc.3189

③.Shanshan Tong, Hui Zhong, Chengxue Yi, Xia Cao, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Qianfeng Zheng, Yingshu Feng, Jiangnan Yu, Ximing Xu. Simultaneous HPLC determination of ergosterol and 22,23-dihydroergosterol inFlammulina velutipessterol-loaded microemulsion.Biomed Chromatogr.28(2):247-254, 2014.

④.Shanshan Tong,Chang Chu, Yuan Wei, Li Wang, Xizhe Gao, Ximing Xu and Jiangnan Yu. Preparation and effects of 2,3-dehydrosilymarin, a promising and potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger.J Pharm Pharmacol.63(2):238-344, 2011.

⑤. Chengxue Yi, Min Fu, Xia Cao,Shanshan Tong,Qianfeng Zheng, Caleb K Firempong, Xinyi Jiang, Ximing Xu, Jiangnan Yu Enhanced oral bioavailability and tissue distribution of a new potential anticancer agent,Flammulina velutipessterols, through liposomal encapsulation.J Agr Food Chem.61 (25): 5961–5971, 2013.(Co-first author)

⑥. Chengxue Yi, Chaonan Sun,Shanshan Tong,Xia Cao, Yingshu Feng, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Xinyi Jiang, Ximing Xu, Jiangnan Yu. Cytotoxic effect of novelFlammulina velutipessterols and its oral bioavailability via mixed micellar nanoformulation.Int J Nanomed.448:44-50, 2013.(Co-first author)

⑦. Chengxue Yi, Hui Zhong,Shanshan Tong, Xia Cao, Caleb K Firempong, Hongfei Liu, Min Fu, Yan Yang, Yingshu Feng, Huiyun Zhang, Ximing Xu, Jiangnan Yu Enhanced oral bioavailability of a sterol-loaded microemulsion formulation ofFlammulina velutipes, a potential antitumor drug.Int J Nanomed.7:5067-5078, 2012.(Co-first author)

⑧. Xia Cao, Wen-Wen Deng, Min Fu, Liang Wang,Shan-Shan Tong,Ya-Wei Wei, Ying Xu, Wei Yan Su, Xi-ming Xu, Jiang-Nan Yu. In vitro release and in itro–in vivo correlationfor silybin meglumine incorporated into hollow-type mesoporous silica

nanoparticles.Int J Nanomed. 7:753-762, 2012.

⑨. Chang Chu,Shan-shan Tong,Ying Xu, Li Wang, Min Fu, Yan-ru Ge, Jiang-nan Yu, Xi-ming Xu. Proliposomes for oral delivery of dehydro-silymarin: preparation and evaluation in vitro and in vivo.Acta pharmacol Sin. 32(7):973-980, 2011.

⑩. Jiang-nan Yu, Yuan Zhu, Li Wang, Min Peng,Shan-shan Tong,Xia Cao, Hui Qiu, Xi-ming Xu. Enhancement of oral bioavailability of the poorly water-soluble drug silybin by sodium cholate/phospholipid-mixed micelles.Acta pharmacol Sin. 31(6): 759-764, 2010.

⑪. Yuan Zhu, Jiangnan Yu,Shanshan Tong,Li Wang, Min Peng, Xia Cao, Ximing Xu. Preparation and in vitro evaluation of povidone-sodium cholate-phospholipid mixed micelles for the solubilization of poorly soluble drugs.Arch Pharm Res. 33(6): 911-917, 2010.

⑫.Shan-shan Tong, Yan Yang, Li-xia Ding, Long-feng Xu, Xi-ming Xu, Jiang-nan Yu. HPLC simultaneous determination of theophylline and chlorphenamine maleate in Shunqi Huatan tablets and granules.Chin J Pharm Anal. 32(4):583-586, 2012.

⑬.Shan-shan Tong, Xu-bo Wang, Yu-ping Shen, Yuan Zhu, Yan Ding, Jiang-nan Yu, Xi-ming Xu. Study on body distribution and hepatic targeting tendency of galactosyl adriamycin bovine serum albumin nanoparticles inmice by radioisotope tracing.Chin J Pharm Anal. 30(1):77-81, 2010.

⑭.Shan-shan Tong, Xu-bo Wang, Yan Ding, Yuan Zhu, Jiang-nan Yu, Xi-ming Xu. Pharmacokinetics of galactosyl adriamycin BSA nanoparticles in mice by RP-HPLC with fluorescence detection.Chin Pharm J. 44(24):1908-1912, 2009.

⑮.Shan-shan Tong, Jiang-nan Yu, Xi-ming Xu, Xiao-yan Liu, Hua Jin, Ya-ping Xu. Determination of chlorogenic acid of herbaArtemisiae sopariaeextracts and evaluation of its antioxidant activity using TLC-bioautography.Chin Pharm J. 44(22):1738-1741, 2009.

⑯.Shan-shan Tong, Li Ma, Jiang-nan Yu. Influence of pazufloxacin mesilate on pharmacokinetics of aminophylline in rabbits.Chin Pharm J. 44(12):933-935, 2009.

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