School of Pharmacy held ‘12·5’ college students mental health month series activities

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On November 29th, ‘12·5’ college students mental health month series activities were organized at The Hall of Jingjiang Building by School of Pharmacy, all of2020 undergraduate students attended.

In advance of this activity, Wang Lian, a counsellor of school of pharmacy, organized a training on mental health assessment and coping skills with psychology class members where she introduced the theme, significance and preparation of this activity, emphasizing the meaning of mutual assistance among friends. The theme of this activity is ‘caring the mind, we go together’ and the main items are a knowledge competition and quality expansion games. The knowledge competition required the students to divided themselves into groups and select a captain to answer questions quickly. In this competition, the students reflected positively and expressed actively. It enhanced the cohesion between the students as well as their psychological knowledge. Quality expansion games includes You Draw and I Guess, Exchange the Name, Three Person Four Feet, Make Bridge, Running Train on One Leg and other games. The students not only enjoyed the games and relaxed themselves but also improved the physical strength, perseverance, communication, cooperation and other skills.

This event successfully raised the students’ awareness of receiving psychological health education. It is not only a solid foundation of effective mental health education but also further strengthened mental health educational work as well as popularization of mental health knowledge which help students to master the necessary mental adjustment method and create a good atmosphere.

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