The School of Pharmacy undertook the 10th Chinese and foreign postgraduate academic forum biomedicine Forum

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On December 2nd, the 10th Biomedical Sub-forum of The Sino-foreign Graduate Student Academic Forum of Jiangsu University was successfully held, which was multidisciplinary integration and biomedical innovation. The sub-forum was organized by the School of Pharmacy and presided by the Associate dean of the School of Pharmacy Professor Feng Chunlai. What’s more, we specially invited Professor Mao Fei, Professor Tong Shanshan and Associate Professor Xie Meng as judges. The forum attracted nearly 100 Chinese and foreign graduate students from Jiangsu University, Nantong University and Yangzhou University.

Associate professor, Cao Xia with “Bioprinting of Small - Diameter Blood Vessels” did keynote report. In addition, 12 Chinese and foreign graduate students from the School of Pharmacy or medical School presented their academic reports in English on the theme of interdisciplinary fusion biomedicine innovation and displayed their academic research achievements. Subsequently, a total of more than 30 works of research results were displayed in the poster, and related research results were exchanged in a warm atmosphere.

This forum provided an academic exchange platform for Chinese and foreign graduate students in biomedical disciplines, helped them broaden their research horizon, and promoted the exchange and study between Chinese and foreign graduate students.

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