Healthy China, you and me together: lectures on admission education for freshmen of Grade 2018 by de

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On the morning of 10th September, Ximing Xu, the dean of the School of Pharmacy, given a lecture on "healthy China, you and me together" for the freshmen of Grade 2018 in order to welcome them and promote the development of the concept of healthy China.

Professor Xu, beginning with the Zhenjiang story, expressed a warm welcome to all freshmen on behalf of the School of Pharmacy and introduced the development and achievements of our school in recent years. Dean Xu said that great progress has been made in terms of school level, education quality, international communication, discipline innovation, drug research and transformation of achievements. Among them, the research on drugs for treating liver, cancer and other diseases has been in the forefront domestically and even internationally. Then he pointed out our professional advantages and significance in the current condition of healthy China.

Finally, President Xu put forward some suggestions to the freshmen of Grade 2018. He hoped that the students can change their roles as soon as possible, focus on the improvement of their practical ability, learn to deal with interpersonal relationships, and insist to exercise themselves.

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