New school, new environment, different mentality---lectures on entrance education for freshmen

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On the morning of 11th September, Yuan Wei, party secretary of the School of Pharmacy, gave a lecture entitled “How to live a meaningful university life” for all freshmen of grade 2018.

First of all, Secretary Wei set out from the daily trifles and elaborated on the development trajectory of "growth acceleration curve" and "sinking acceleration curve" in different states, and analyzed the differences and gaps between talent, mediocrity and abrogation.

Secondly, he gave his own advice on the study, life and future career choices to the freshmen of Grade 2018, and he hoped that freshmen would be able to have suitable attitude, adjust to the new life actively, and have an initial plan for university life.

Finally, Secretary Wei quoted General Secretary Xi's message to the youth and a letter from Mr. Kaifu Li to his daughter to remind all freshmen that they should always encourage themselves to be vanguard examples, and to learn well during their college years. Not only to obtain a diploma, but more importantly to improve skills, improve personality, and gain friendship.

The majority of freshmen said that this lecture has given them new thoughts on college life and study, and found the direction of their heart.

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