Medication safety, I know that and I am acting

Time:2018-09-25 Onclick:

On 21st September, the School of Pharmacy, the Zhenjiang Food and Drug Administration and the Food and Drug Administration and Inspection Center carried out a publicity campaign on safe and rational utilization of medicine called “Medication Safety, I Know that and I am Acting”.

The event invited the licensed pharmacists of pharmaceutical companies to introduce the basic concepts of safe and rational utilization of drugs, popularize common knowledge of safe medications, provide reasonable advice on the medicine application for common diseases. And the relevant propaganda manuals were issued to teachers and students, including overseas students. Then the Food and Drug Administration and Inspection Center especially displayed the rapid drug inspection vehicle for the students, demonstrated the operation skills of rapid medicine detection and the authentic identification of the Chinese herbal medicines. In addition, teachers and students of the pharmacy department also sent out 200 questionnaires including some knowledge of medication in daily life to further strengthen the popularization of safe drugs utilization.

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