Pharmacy School Won the Outstanding Prize in the Teaching Competition for Young Teachers from National Higher Pharmacy Education Institution”

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In 2019.08.05, The teaching competition for young teachers from National Higher Pharmacy Education Institution ended in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Young teachers from our pharmacy school won the outstanding prize.

This event is a high-level national teaching competition, which attracted the participation of 273 young teachers form 93 colleges and universities.

The event includes two separated competitions including an on-line micro-course competition and an off-line teaching ability competition. In the first round of the on-line micro-course competition, Zhang Qi won the outstanding prize with the micro-course “Analysis of chiral drugs”. Xu Ying won the second prize with the micro-course “Particles”.

The outstanding prize and first prize winner in the micro-course competition were invited to attend the final teaching ability competition which was held in Ningxia Medical University. The contestants were evaluated by expert judging panel and students on their performance in course design and teaching abilities. In the end, Zhang Qi from School of Pharmacy, Jiangsu University, won the outstanding prize again based on his great teaching performance.

In addition, the educational reform paper “The establishment of the experimental teaching system for international students majoring in Pharmacy in the background of One Belt One Road(OBOR)”by Tong Shanshan, Feng Chuanlai, Qi Xueyong and Yu Jiangnan won the second prize in the National Higher Pharmacy Education Teaching Reform Papers Competitions.

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