Pharmacy School Students Participated in the UNDP Youth Maker Challenges

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In August 25th, the qualification trials (China) for the "2019 Young Maker Challenges", which was held by China Soong Ching Ling Youth Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Center and the United Nations Development Program, ended in Beijing. After a strict screening, Peng Yun, a pharmacy school student from Jiangsu university, successfully passed the evaluation and won the chance to participate the final competition.

The theme of this event is “Village Rejuvenation”, with youth empowerment as the main content. With the discussion on the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem, an ecological environment which benefits the innovation and entrepreneurship for youth is expected.

The pesticide residue is closely related to the food safety. The analysis of pesticide residue has become a national policy-oriented industry. Considering the low information level, long detection time, complicated operation steps and high price of pesticide residue detection equipment on the market, the Zhixiang agricultural science and technology team, led by Peng Yun, independently designed and developed a paper-based biosensor pesticide residue detector – Yixin.

Yixin is a microfluidic chip that integrates automatic sample injection, mixing, reaction and color development. Compared with the products on the market, it has low cost, short detection time, high automation, long lifespan as well as the environmentally friendly advantages such as Lead-free, etc.



This event includes the theme forum discussions, innovation and entrepreneurship training, case experience sharing, etc. Professional tutors were arranged to guide the business plans. Peng Yun’s team successfully accomplished their roadshow under the guidance of the professional tutor. “This is not just a competition, a road show, but full of gains for improving our employability skills”, Peng Yun said.

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