Leading Team of The College of Pharmacy Visited 2019’s Freshmen

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Dr. Wei Yuan, secretary of the Party committee of Pharmacy college, Liu Zhengxin, deputy vice-president of the Party committee, Feng Chunlai, vice-president of Pharmacy college, Dai Yunqing, director of the Institute of Technology and Industry, Chen Peng, head of the Youth League Committee of Pharmacy college, and Li Rulin, counselor of Grade 2019 freshmen, visited the freshman dormitories and expressed warm welcome to the freshmen on Sunday 1 September.



During this visit, college leaders checked freshman dormitory environment and had cordial talks with freshmen, asking them whether they were accustomed to the new environment and accommodation. College leaders encouraged students to change their roles as soon as possible to adapt to the new university life, strive to cultivate independent ability and positive learning attitude, and communicate with teachers and counselors in time if they encountered any problems in life or study.

Visiting freshman dormitory not only makes freshmen feel the care of the college, but also draws the distance between teachers and students. College leaders also understand ideological trends and actual needs of freshmen. It plays a positive role in relieving the discomfort of freshmen and doing a good job in education.


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