The School of Pharmacy holds Lectures on Overseas Learning Guidance for 2019’s Freshmen

Time:2019-09-12 Onclick:

The College of Pharmacy invited Shao Dongfang, head of the internship program in the United States at the study abroad center of Jiangsu university, to give an Overseas Learning Guidance lecture entitled "open your mind and look to the international" for 2019’s freshmen, so as to build a platform for freshmen to study abroad smoothly in the future on 3 September morning.



Mr. Shao, a senior returning from the United States, citing a video shot about his workplace and briefly outlined the origin, organizer and reliability of the project. The process of participating in the project was interpreted, including registration, preparation of materials, interview, obtaining a visa, going to the United States, etc. Then Mr. Shao emphasized that types of work for exchange students are all basic work, including swimming pool inspectors, sales assistants, amusement park staff, chef assistants and hotel room service, etc., and called for students to seize the opportunity of accumulating work experience, improving communication skills and practicing spoken English.

Finally, Mr. Shao introduced the characteristics of each job vividly based on his own experience and had a good interaction with the students.


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