The School of Pharmacy undertook the 2nd Chemistry and Pharmacy Knowledge and Experimental Skills Competition of Jiangsu University

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The second Chemistry and Pharmacy Knowledge and Experimental Skills Competition of Jiangsu University, sponsored by the academic affairs office of the university and hosted by the pharmacy college, was successfully held from 21 September to 13 October.

The competition was divided into two stages. The preliminary competition was a theoretical written examination and the final competition was an experimental operation competition. The scope of this competition was mainly the basic theory and experimental operation of chemistry and pharmacy, including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, microorganism and biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, natural pharmaceutical chemistry, etc. The final was an independent experiment that last for 4 hours. General techniques and operations of synthesis, analysis and pharmacology had been examined. A total of 140 students took part in the preliminaries and 32 entered the finals.



After the finals, judges summarized and instructed problems in each experiment and contestants said they had gained a lot. The Competition of Chemistry, Pharmacy Knowledge and Experimental Skills is the second time that the College of Pharmacy has undertaken at the school level of Jiangsu University. Undergraduate students' professional experimental operation skills and comprehensive design ability will be strengthened during this competition. Innovative and high-quality personnel training channels will be broadened, and the educational concept of "promoting education and learning knowledge through competitions" will continue to be deeply practiced in order to cultivate the main force of "healthy China".


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