The School of Pharmacy, together with Medical College, Computer College, Chemical College and Art College, held a Welcome Party for Freshmen

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In order to enrich students' after-school life and show the good mental outlook of students, a welcoming party for new students jointly organized by The College of Pharmacy, Medical College, Computer College, Chemical College and Art College was held in school auditorium on 2 November evening. Wei Yuan, secretary of the Party Committee of The College of Pharmacy, Liu Zhengxin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Chen Peng, head of the Youth League Committee, and Li Rulin, 2019 class counselor attended the party.



The theme of this evening's party is "Heart to Morning Sun, Dream Weaving Milky Way". It is divided into three chapters: first meeting, chasing after light, and shining brilliantly. It symbolizes the process of students from entering the campus to constantly sublimating themselves and achieving brilliant results. During this event, the dance "Laughing and Playing Pipa" performed by Zhang Dingqi, Zhang Jia of Pharmacy College won applause from the audience for its soft and charming features. The stage play "Pinellia in Flowers and Ten Miles in Clouds" showed a beautiful and romantic love story between light and shadow changes. Another stage play "Things about Go to School" performed by Jia Baidi, Feng Jieying vividly demonstrated the ups and downs of college life. Finally, the whole evening of the runway show "IN THE LIGHT" jointly performed by students from five colleges came to an end.

This Welcome Party for Freshmen not only makes new students more familiar with their classmates and college life, but also shows the unique youth style and mental outlook of contemporary college students.



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