The School of Pharmacy launched the 2021 graduates' employment guidance lecture

Time:2020-04-30 Onclick:

To implement the college's employment workmake students understand both the employment situation and policies in a timely manner, and master the employment process and interview skillson the evening of April 29, the School of Pharmacy employed the Tencent conference online platform to hold the 2021 graduate career guidance lecture. This lecture was delivered by Huang Wenqian, Pfizer upjohn's recruitment supervisor, and Li Rulin, the class counselor of 2017, and all the 2021 undergraduates attended the meeting.

Director Huang started the lecture from the aspects of employment situation and policies, employment positioning and preparation, job interview, and resume production. Director Huang first made a simple analysis of the current employment situation of college students and explained the current employment situation and employment characteristics of medical graduates to the students. Then she introduced the job interview precautions and resume production methods to the students in detail, reminding students that in addition to the preparation of professional knowledge and related materials, they should also have certain job search skills. Combining her years of experience in recruitment, she gave a detailed explanation of how to deal with the interview in the job search process and how to make an excellent resume.  

Afterwards, Director Huang explained to the students one by one the problems that the previous graduates had in the employment process and gave guidance and answers to many common questions about the employment interview raised by the students on the spot.  

This career guidance lecture provided abundant job hunting and interview skills for the 2021 graduates of the School of Pharmacy, strengthened the confidence of the students, and will have a very significant role in promoting the future employment of the school graduates.  After the meeting, the students expressed that they benefited a lot.

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