School of Pharmacy Holds Student Work Promotion Seminar

Time:2020-05-20 Onclick:

On May 19th, the school of Pharmacy held a student work promotion seminar in the 1301 meeting room of the Pharmacy Building. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zhengxin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Pharmacy, and all counselors from the Institute of Pharmacy participated.

Counselors from all grades of the Institute of Pharmacy reported on their recent work. Dai Yunqing introduced the employment of graduating students, postgraduate entrance examinations, and mental health education for non-graduating students; Chen Peng emphatically reported on the work of the Youth League Committee of the college, and introduced the academic status of the 2018 students; Li Rulin introduced the college funding work, community management and academic development of the classes of 2017 and 2019.

Liu Zhengxin emphasized that employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood and the top priority of our work. We must care about the development of every senior. For students of other grades, we must pay attention to ideological guidance based on their academic development, through vocational planning education, academic teaching lecture hall to strengthen the ideological education of them. At the same time, we must carry out targeted mental health education for all grades to help students adjust to the psychological state of the "epidemic" and have a comprehensive understanding of the students' family situation so as to  provide temporary hardship subsidies for students who are in real difficulties.  Liu Zhengxin asked all counselors to improve their political positions, leading by example, and devote themselves to student work with a fuller state and spirit of responsibility.

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