The School of Pharmacy holds a lecture on safety education for undergraduates in class 2020

Time:2020-09-08 Onclick:

On October 15th, the School of Pharmacy held a special lecture on safety education for undergraduates in Class 401 in the main building A. Zhang Wenzhong, deputy director of the college’s security department, was invited to give a lecture. This lecture was presided over by Wang Lianthe counselor of the School of Pharmacy. All freshmen attended the lecture.

Starting from the students' personal safety issues, Zhang Wenzhong explained to the freshmen the most common campus hazards in the aspects of property safety, personal safety, national security, travel safety, etc., and popularized corresponding preventive measures through real cases. At the same time, it is hoped that the freshmen will strengthen their awareness of safety and precautions, improve their discrimination ability, take the initiative to learn practical self-protection and self-rescue methods, and consciously be good citizens who abide by laws and regulations.

Through this lecture, freshmen have gained practical knowledge of safety and civilization, strengthened their awareness of safety precautions, and improved their ability to respond to safety accidents.

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