The School of Pharmacy organizes undergraduate experimental epidemic prevention and control and safety training in the fall semester

Time:2020-09-10 Onclick:

On September 8th and September 10th, the undergraduate experimental epidemic prevention and control and safety training meeting of the School of Pharmacy in the fall semester was held in two batches on the enterprise WeChat. The lectures were organized by the Experimental Center of the School of Pharmacy, and the vice dean Professor Feng Chunlai gave a lecture. Undergraduate students and counselors attended the meeting.

Dean Feng put forward requirements and expectations to the students in the meeting. He hopes that students need to realize that it is not easy to return to the classroom successfully, and they must cherish it. They must consciously abide by the safety rules and regulations of the laboratory. This is not only the responsibility of students present but also the responsibility of contemporary college students.

Director Tong Shanshan and Teacher Xia Guohua interpreted the 2020 version of the Jiangsu University Laboratory Safety Manual and the Jiangsu University Official Announcement No. 89, and explained in detail the regulations and policies for management during the recent laboratory epidemic. How to enter the laboratory after the fall semester should be eliminated and fill in records, etc. The video of the safety emergency drill in the laboratory of Jiangsu University was sent for learning.

This training is the eighth experimental platform epidemic prevention and safety network training carried out by the Central Laboratory of the School of Pharmacy since the epidemic. It closely combines the epidemic prevention requirements of different periods and enhances students’ safety awareness and self-protection awareness. Training of this category will continue after freshmen enrolling in.

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