Our institute held a 2020 professional ideological education lecture

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Recently, the School of Pharmacy held a series of professional ideological education lectures on the entrance education of 2020 undergraduate freshmen in classroom 303 of the lecture hall group. This lecture was lectured by Wei Yuan, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, and all freshmen of the School of Pharmacy participated.

Wei Yuan gave a detailed introduction of the basic situation of the school, undergraduate education, scientific research, discipline development, employment, and student work of to the freshmen. At the same time, Wei Yuan explained to the freshmen what pharmacy is, how to learn pharmacy well, and the professional development of pharmacy based on his own careers. He hopes that everyone will integrate into the new environment as soon as possible, correct their professional thinking, plan university life reasonably, and buckle the first button in life.

This lecture enabled the freshmen of our college to fully understand the background and prospect knowledge of each major, help students clarify their professional development goals, and lay a good foundation for formulating professional planning. Freshmen have expressed that they have benefited a lot, saying that they will strictly demand themselves in their future study and life, clarify their goals, study hard, firmly master professional knowledge, and achieve the best of themselves.

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