School of Pharmacy organizes 2020 undergraduates to visit the laboratory

Time:2020-10-12 Onclick:

In order to enable freshmen to understand the professional direction, stimulate their interest in learning, and personally understand the pharmacy experiment process, on October 12, led by professional teachers and counselors, the School of Pharmacy organized all freshmen to visit the laboratory of the School of Pharmacy.

During the activity, freshmen entered the laboratory in groups. The laboratory teachers on each floor briefly introduced the purpose and location of each laboratory to the new students, and then led everyone to visit and explain the various equipment in the laboratory. Under the guidance of the teacher, the freshmen were deeply attracted by the rigorous and creative pharmacy experiment. During the visit, the students also witnessed the demeanor of the seniors in the experiment.

This visit is a demonstration and inheritance of the spirit of true knowledge in pharmacy experiments, so that freshmen have a better understanding of the major they have learned, and have more confidence, love, and more responsibility on their own learning path.

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