The school of Pharmacy held the tenth teaching competition of the school level and foreign students teaching teacher trial

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In order to promote the exchange of teaching and improve young teachers' comprehensive teaching ability, on November 2, college of pharmacy in the afternoon in the pharmacy building room 1102 held the 10th college teaching competition heats classroom teachers and students teaching demonstration, teaching competition and the teachers' teaching demonstration shall be presided over by vice-president Feng Chunlai, dean Wei Yuan, shan-shan tong, director of the experiment center, professor Yang Huan form the panel of judges, vice President of the school of overseas education Su Jianhong attended the event.

During the teaching competition and trial teaching, the participating teachers fully displayed their teaching style, teaching characteristics and strength level. Wei Yuan dean and vice dean, professor Yang Huan Feng Chunlai, director of the shan-shan tong, vice President of the Su Jianhong done for each participating and simulating teaching teachers carefully review, affirms the advantages and the PPT production, design of teaching content, teaching thinking method, classroom communication skills, etc, points out that insufficient, put forward the proposal, to encourage every teacher's continuous improvement, strive to improve the teaching level.

The competition finally recommended two teachers, Wang Wei and Yu Qingtong, to participate in the school-level final on behalf of the School of Pharmacy. All the 8 teachers who participated in the trial lecture have passed the trial lecture by the foreign teachers.

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