The Research Group of Associate Professor Shen Song Published the Latest Scientific Research Results in Nano Letters

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Recently, the research group of Associate Professor Shen Song published the latest research results in Nano Letters (IF=12.279), an authoritative journal in the field of materials science, entitled Reversible Thermochromic Nanoparticles Composed of a Eutectic Mixture for Temperature-Controlled Photothermal Therapy (Nano Lett., 2020). , doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c00147)". Jiangsu University is the first unit, Associate Professor Shen Song is the first and corresponding author, and Feng Lei, a master student of our school, is the co-first author.

Photothermal therapy can kill tumors through high temperature, but too high temperature will cause damage to surrounding normal tissues. Thermochromic materials can change from colored to colorless at the temperature transition point, thereby maintaining a certain temperature under light conditions, and are currently used in temperature indication, color changing cups, color changing clothing and other fields. However, this kind of material based on the leuco dye-developer-solvent system usually needs to be wrapped with other materials and prepared into microcapsules to protect its color changing properties, and its excessively large particle size causes the body difficult to apply. In this work, thermochromic nanoparticles with good stability have been prepared for the first time and used in the temperature control treatment of tumors. While realizing the treatment, it avoids damage to the surrounding normal tissues. This research provides a new way for the temperature control hyperthermia of tumors. In the field of preparation and application of smart nanoparticles, Associate Professor Shen Song has published many papers in journals with impact factors over 10 such as Angew Chem. Int. Ed.; Small; Biomaterials.

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