The School of Pharmacy held an online seminar on style of study

Time:2020-02-27 Onclick:

On February 25th, the School of Pharmacy held an online study style seminar. This seminar was conducted through Jiangsu Universitys WeChat and was hosted by Liu Zhengxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Pharmacy. All full-time and part-time counselors from the School of Pharmacy participated in the video conference.

First of all, Secretary Liu introduced the significance of this seminar. The online teaching of students affected by the epidemic will start on February 24th.  In this case, we need to think more about countermeasures, do a good job in ideological guidance of college students, and continuously improve the effect of online teaching. She said that the first thing to do is to get a deep understanding of the students' situation and grasp the students' thought dynamics and difficulties encountered. Secondly, we must do a good job of real-name certification for online teaching, and the instructor must do a good job in class attendance, and communicate with the teacher in time. Finally, she said that instructors should guide college students to understand the country and the school, be considerate of teachers, and continuously improve their morality. At the meeting, the counselors gave specific introductions to the students of their grades and discussed practical measures.

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