Ximing Xu

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Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Jiangsu University

Dean, School of Pharmacy.

Director, Center for Nano Drug/Gene Delivery and Tissue Engineering.

Vice-chairman, Pharmaceutical Science Committee of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association

Education and Experience

2006.1-2006.7 Research Fellow, Lab of Gene Transfer and Tissue Repair, Harvard Medical School

2004.3-2005.12 Visiting Associate Professor /Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School. Tissue Engineering Laboratories, VA Boston Healthcare System.

1996.9-1999.6 Ph.D., Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery, China Pharmaceutical University

1993.9-1996.6 Master in Medicine, Peking University (original Beijing Medical University)

1983.9-1987.6 B.Sc., Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Soochow University

Research Interest

Natural biomaterials for nano gene transfer and stem cell based Tissue Engineering

Controlled release preparations and Pharmacokinetic evaluation of poorly soluble drugs

High screening and formulation development of active components from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ongoing Projects

Direct reprogramming with CDs modified self-assembly nanoparticles.National Natural Science Foundation of China (PI, 2015-2018, No. 81473172, one million RMB )

iPS generation via micro-RNA non viral delivery strategy.National Natural Science Foundation of China (PI, 2013-2016, No. 81273470, one million RMB); Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China (20123227110009)

Non viral nanoparticle gene delivery systems for the generation of induced pluripotent stem Cells. National Natural Science Foundation of China(PI, No. 81072586); Special funds for 333 and 331 project(PI, No. BRA2013198)

Lipid rafts chromatography for the highly screening anti-tumor drugs from Traditional Chinese Medicine, National Natural Science Foundation of China(No. 30973677)

Pharmaceutical biotechnology and translational medicine.A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions. (Project leader, 2014-2017, 40 million RMB)

Screening of new active components fromedible fungi.National "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan for Science & Technology Support (2013BAD16B07-1); Special funds for Industry-University-Research Institution Cooperation (PI, JHB2012-37, GY2012049).

Poorly soluble drug formulations for controlled release(PI, fund from Yangzi River Pharmaceutical Group, one of the most famous pharmaceutical company in China)

High efficiency hepatic protective preparations from Traditional Chinese Medicine(PI, funding from the Center of Zhendong Ecological Biotech Development )

Selected Publications (*corresponding author)


[1] Yuan Zhu, Wei Peng, Jiajia Zhang, Miaomiao Wang, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Chunlai Feng, Hongfei Liu,Ximing Xu*, Jiangnan Yu*. Enhanced oral bioavailability of capsaicin in mixed polymeric micelles: Preparation, in vitro and in vivo evaluation.Journal of Functional Foods, 2014, 8: 358-366.

[2] Shanshan Tong, Hui Zhong, Chengxue Yi, Xia Cao, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Qianfeng Zheng, Yingshu Feng, Jiangnan Yu*,Ximing Xu*. Simultaneous HPLC determination of ergosterol and 22,23-dihydroergosterol in Flammulina velutipes sterol-loaded microemulsion.Biomed Chromatogr, 2014, 28(2): 247-254.

[3] Shanshan Tong, Min Fu, Xia Cao, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Chengxue Yi, Qianfeng Zhen, Hui Zhong, Jiangnan Yu,Ximing Xu*. Lipid Raft Stationary Phase Chromatography for Screening Anti-tumor Components from Galla chinensis.Chromatographia, 2014, 77(5-6): 419-429.

[4]Li Yue, Wang Xiang-Yu, Zhang Rui-Zhuo, Zhang Xiao-Yun, Liu Wei,Xu Xi-Ming, Zhang Ye-Wang. Molecular Imprinting and Immobilization of Cellulase Onto Magnetic Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles.Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.2014, 14(4):2931-2936.

[5] Shanshan Tong, Chaonan Sun, Xia Cao, Qianfeng Zheng, Huiyun Zhang, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Yingshu Feng, Yan Yang, Jiangnan Yu,Ximing Xu*. Development and thermodynamic evaluation of novel lipid raft stationary phase chromatography for screening potential antitumor agents.Biomedical Chromatography, 2014. Published online. DOI: 10.1002/bmc.3189.

[6] Yuan Zhu, Jiajia Zhang, Min Fu, Jin Zeng, E. Omari-Siaw,Xi-ming Xu*. Calcium carbonate nanoparticles templated by mixed polymeric micelles: characterization, in vitro drug release and oral bioavailability in Beagle dogs.Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 2014, 33(7): 1106-1113.

[7] Yuan Zhu, Miaomiao Wang, Jiajia Zhang, Wei Peng, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Wenwen Deng, Qilong Wang, Shicheng Wang, Feng Shi, Jiangnan Yu,Ximing Xu*, Weiming Zhang*. Improved oral bioavailability of capsaicin via liposomal nanoformulation: preparation, in vitro drug release and pharmacokinetics in rats.Archives of Pharmacal. Reseach, 2014, Published online. DOI: 10.1007/s12272-014-0481-7

[8]Liu Wei, Zhou Fang, Zhang Xiao-Yun, Li Yue, Wang Xiang-Yu,Xu Xi-Ming,Zhang Ye-Wang. Preparation of Magnetic Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles for Immobilization of Lipase.Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 2014, 14(4):3068-3072.

[9] Wei Peng, Xinyi Jiang, Yuan Zhu, E. Omari-Siaw, Wenwen Deng, Jiangnan, Yu, Ximing Xu*, Weiming Zhang. Preparation and quality evaluation of MPEG-PCL nanoparticles as a carrier for oral delivery of capsaicin.Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, 2014, Accepted.

[10] Ying Xu, Xuefeng Jin, Qineng Ping, Hongfei Liu, Mei Chen,Ximing Xu.Recent development of natural and reconstituted lipoprotein based nano drug delivery vehicles.Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, 2014, (1): 23-29.

[11] Yuan Zhu, Jiajia Zhang, Qianfeng Zheng, Miaomiao Wang, Wenwen Deng, Li Qiang, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Shengli Wang, Shanshan Tong,Ximing Xu*, Jiangnan Yu*. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of capsaicin-loaded microemulsion for enhanced oral bioavailability. Submitted.

[12] Jiajia Zhang, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Yuan Zhu, Xia Cao, Xiaolei Shi, Guanghui Zhou, Jiangnan Yu*,Ximing Xu*, Weiming Zhang*. Self-microemulsifying drug delivery system for improved oral delivery of limonene: preparation, characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Submitted.

[13]Wenwen Deng, Xia Cao, Jiangnan Yu, Jingjing Chen, Yan Wang, Qingtong Yu, Zhijian Zhang, Genbao Shao, Jie Zhou, Xiangdong Gao, andXiming Xu*. Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells via self-assembly cationized Pleurotus eryngii polysaccharide nanoparticles incorporating Oct4, Sox2 and MiR 302-367. Submitted.

[14]Wenwen Deng, Xia Cao, Jiangnan Yu, Qingtong Yu, Yan Wang, Jingjing Chen, Zhijian Zhang, Jie Zhou, Jiabo Hu, Xiangdong Gao, andXiming Xu*. Incorporating pOSKM-cationized polysaccharide-calcium phosphate hybrid nanoparticles into 3D scaffolds for direct generation of pluripotent embryoid body-like 3D spheres. Submitted.

[15]Rui Qu, Chaonan Sun, Caleb Kesse Firempong, Chaoqun Xi, Xia Cao, Wenwen Deng, Zhijian Zhang, Shanshan Tong, Huiyun Zhang, Yan Wang, Weiting Zhou, Huan Yang, Jiangnan Yu, andXiming Xu*. Multitarget Lipid Raft-Coated Silica Beads with Quantum dots imaging: an on-line Platform for Isolating Antitumor Natural Compounds with Multiple Targets. Submitted.


[1] Xia Cao, Wenwen Deng, Rui Qu, Yan Yang, Jun Li, Yue Cao,Ximing Xu*, Jiangnan Yu. Non-viral co-delivery of the four Yamanaka factors for generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells via calcium phosphate nanocomposite particles.Advanced Functional Materials, 2013, 23(43): 5403-5411.

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[3]Xinyi Jiang,Hongliang Xin,Jijin Gu,Ximing Xu,Weiyi Xia,Shuo Chen,Yike Xie,Liangcen Chen,Yanzuo Chen,Xianyi Sha,Xiaoling Fang. Solid tumor penetration by integrin-mediated pegylated poly(trimethylene carbonate) nanoparticles loaded with paclitaxel Biomaterials.Biomaterials, 2013, 34: 1739-1746.

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Before 2012

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POSTDOC with background in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Clinical Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science and Tissue Engineering

Graduates for Doctor degree in Laboratory Medicine; Master degree in Pharmaceutical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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