“Jiangsu development engineering research center of new food resources’ medicinal function” was approved to be constructed

Time:2018-11-12 Onclick:

Recently, according to “A notice of approving of constructing provincial engineering research center in 2018 by Jiangsu development & reform commission”, Jiangsu development engineering research center of new food resources’ medicinal function was approved to be constructed, indicating our school’s breakthrough on platform construction.

In recent years, with the support of Jiangsu advantageous discipline construction project, our school responds to Jiangsu University’s plan regarding to building double top-class discipline/university positively and has formed distinctive features in the field of agriculture. At the same time, our school has developed technologies of discovering, screening and large-scale extraction of active constituents, natural polysaccharide’s innovative application and industrialization study as well as medicinal and edible products’ research.

The research center is headed by Professor Ximing Xu, who is the dean of our school. It will focus on developing medicinal function of  new food resources and work on forming characteristics through integration and collaborative development of disciplinaries. Besides, the research center attempts to make breakthrough on the aspects of healthy food and key technologies’ development.

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