Research group led by Professor Ximing Xu published a paper in the Advanced Materials

Time:2019-01-21 Onclick:

Recently, Advanced Materials (Impact Factor: 21.950), a leading international journal, online published our university’s latest results in the field of stem cells and tissue regeneration-“EMSCs build an all-in-one niche via cell-cell lipid rafts assembly for promoted neuronal but suppressed astroglial differentiation of neural stem cells.”

Wenwen Deng, Fengxia Shao and Qinghua He were the co-first authors of this paper. Besides, Professor Ximing Xu and Zhijian Zhang were the co-corresponding authors of this paper and Jiangsu University was the only unit of co-first authors and co-corresponding authors.

The study firstly proposed a new idea of using single living cells to construct a microenvironment needed by differentiation of totipotent stem cells, thereby promoting the effective regeneration of damaged organs and tissues. Research work of this paper is completed by our university, which fully shows the original level of our university's scientific research and promotes our university’s academic status and international influence in the field of stem cell and tissue regeneration.


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