School of Pharmacy, the earliest pharmacy college in all comprehensive universities in Jiangsu Province, was established in 2001 after the mergence of the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers' College. It combines the academic and human resources of the previous three universities in pharmaceutical research field. Professor Xi-Ming XU assumes the dean of the school.

At present, School of Pharmacy consists of three departments (Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics and Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering) and three research centers (Research Center of Drug/Gene Delivery & Tissue Engineering, Institute of Natural Medicines, United Research Center of Jiangsu University & Sopo-xingda pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.). It offers three four-year undergraduate specialties, which are Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Engineering, and three graduate programs, including Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It now boasts a staff of 40, including eight full-time professors.

Apart from normal teaching responsibilities, the school has also successively undertaken over 40 scientific research programs, mainly financed by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 (High-tech Research and Development) program and the Natural Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Province as well. Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, both teachers and students are actively engaged in many scientific research programs. So far, faculty and students have been working on projects like nano-drug delivery and tissue engineering research, the study of new dosage forms for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pharmacodynamical studies of compound traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology and bioengineering research of TCM, as well as research for new drug carrier materials. With the combined endeavor of all faculty and students, great achievements have been made on many projects and we look forward to achieving more and becoming better.

Believing that high-level education is our primary concern, School of Pharmacy has always been seeking to exhibit the highest standards of quality teaching and deliver the best learning opportunities to our students, aiming for the cultivation of innovative thoughts, scientific attitudes and practical ability in students. The professional curriculum is based on that belief, both in its structure and organization and its methods of facilitating student learning. Students graduated from the school have a wide range of knowledge and high quality. Since its establishment, the students have enjoyed a reputation from the society and the employers.

Characterized by multi-disciplinary teaching and a combination of teaching and scientific research, School of Pharmacy is determined to build itself into a school which meets the need of the development of pharmacy field in China.

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