The department of pharmaceutics is one of the academic departments in the school of pharmacy. The academic policy of the Department of pharmaceutics is to produce graduates with well-round scholastic activities, good morality and professional etiquette, and experiences in pharmaceutics.

This department offers excellent infrastructure, which includes laboratories having advanced instrumental facilities, well furnished classrooms, seminar room etc. The department is now involved in a variety of academic programmes. The department provides a broad based education background emphasizing the theoretical and practical disciplines essential for the dosage form design, evaluation and manufacture, and development of raw material for pharmaceutical applications.

The area of pharmaceutics is involved in the study of the physicochemical properties of compounds and substances that are used in the development of pharmaceutical products in addition to the quality control of such substances and dosage forms according to the pharmacopeias and international laws. Moreover, the principles of quality assurance and administration are provided. This area of science is also involved in the study of drug delivery or targeting systems and the development of smart delivery systems that are highly efficient in their therapeutic effect with minimal side effects. The graduates are expected to competently perform their clerkship or practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Jiangsu University represents pioneers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, also the pharmaceutics faculty have served on the editorial board of several journals within the pharmaceutics discipline. In addition to close collaborations with faculty in the School of Pharmacy, they work closely with colleagues in Harvard Medical School, China Pharmaceutical University, Beijing University, et al in the world.

The four-year B.S. in Pharmaceutics program prepares students for technical positions in the pharmacy production, control, and development sectors of the pharmaceutical industry or for graduate studies in pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry/pharmacognosy, or analytical chemistry.

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