• Pharmacy has been indispensable in mankind's history since it fulfils one of our most basic needs - health. As a dynamic and growing profession, throughout the past century, pharmacy has changed dramatically, from the art and science of compounding and dispensing medicine to a profession of health promoters, disease prevention specialists, health maintenance/chronic disease managers and medication-health information experts.

    China is the country where the Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated thousand years ago, as ancient men made their way through remote times or places, they had to reach out, often blindly, towards the resources of nature for cures and remedies of diseases and in the process gradually developed pharmaceutical theories, techniques and implements of TCM. And now it has been greatly contributing to the need for better health as an important alternative and complimentary medicine over the world.

    Our department is the only one coordinates the science of Modern Pharmacy and TCM in Jiangsu Province, China. And, we have been trying to immerse our students in an interdisciplinary learning environment in which traditional theories of Chinese Medicine, modern chemical, biological and informatics sciences are integrated.

    The undergraduate courses include:

    * Application of Modern Separation Techniques in Chinese Medicinal Material

    * Analysis of Chinese Medicinal Material

    * Chinese Materia Medica

    * Chinese Medicine Processing

    * Chemistry of Natural Products

    * Chemistry and Mechanism of TCM compound

    * Experimental Pharmacology

    * Formulas of Chinese Medicine

    * Natural Chinese Medicinal Resources

    * New Techniques and Dosage Forms of Chinese Proprietary Medicine

    * Pharmaceutical Botany

    * Pharmacognosy

    * Pharmacology

    * Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds

    * Theory of TCM

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