• Master Program in Pharmaceutics

    Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutics represent both pioneers and current leaders in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. At the national level, Pharmaceutics faculty have held national office in professional organizations and served on the editorial board of several journals within the pharmaceutics discipline. In addition to close collaborations with faculty in the School of Pharmacy, they work closely with colleagues in Harvard Medical School, MIT, China Pharmaceutical University, Beijing University, etc. in the world.

    Since 2003, we have attracted outstanding students to our research programs. And our cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry brings an awareness of new advances in therapeutics to them , which will be helpful for their careers in the future.

    The postgraduate program of Pharmaceutics emphasizes educating and training on the interface of Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering. Postgraduate students learn to apply fundamental concepts in these areas to many specialized areas of research in modern drug delivery. This program provides the training in the pharmaceutical sciences, including more intensive research training and can be normally completed within a 3-year university curriculum. Students may elect a program concentrating in:

    ● Nano drug/Gene delivery and Tissue Engineering
    ● Controlled release of poorly soluble drugs
    ● Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
    ● Biomaterials and polymeric dosage form development
    ● Quality Control and Pharmaceutical Analysis

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