Pharmaceutical Engineering

  • Master Program in Pharmaceutical Engineering(Professional)

    Jiangsu Province is home to a large number of global pharmaceutical and medicinal manufacturing companies and Jiangsu University is located at the epicenter of pharmaceutical research and development. The pharmaceutical industry is a major employer in Jiangsu and is increasingly looking for engineers and pharmaceutical scientists with advanced training in pharmaceutical engineering. Jiangsu University provides an ideal environment for Pharmaceutical Engineering because of its strength in engineering, biotechnology, biomaterials, drug delivery and its research ties with the pharmaceutical industry. Our graduate courses in pharmaceutical engineering make it possible to acquire the latest, up-to-date information and skills. Our M.S. program provides an intellectual climate for the preparation of individuals for professional advancement and will train engineers and scientists with the requisite skills to work in the rapidly evolving regulatory framework that determines pharmaceutical product design and manufacturing processes.

    Core courses include:
    Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, reactions of drug synthesis, natural medicinal chemistry, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacy technology, engineering of drug preparation.

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