The College of Pharmacy held a series of activities for the admission of 2023 undergraduate freshmen - Introduction lecture on pharmaceutical engineering

Time:2023-09-29 Onclick:

In order to further help students understand professional knowledge, on September 28, the College of Pharmacy held a lecture on the introduction of pharmaceutical engineering for 2023 undergraduate students in Room 1204 of the College. The lecture was specially invited by Professor Wang Mingqi, director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and chaired by counselor Chen Peng. All freshmen majoring in pharmaceutical engineering of 2023 participated in the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Wang Mingqi introduced the employment direction and prospects of the pharmaceutical engineering major, and then explained in detail the development process, training objectives, curriculum system and faculty of the college. He encouraged students to strengthen the communication with their academic mentors during college, and actively participate in the second class activities while ensuring professional learning, so as to achieve all-round personal development.

This lecture not only enhanced the students' professional identity and professional self-confidence, but also laid a good foundation for students to meet the university life with a positive attitude.

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