Jiangnan Yu

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Ph.D. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Jiangsu University

Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology, JU.

Vice-chairman, New Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Committee of Jiangsu Province

Education background

1993.9-1996.6 Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Analysis, China Pharmaceutical University

1990.9-1993.6 Master of Science, Pharmaceutical Analysis, China Pharmaceutical University

1983.9-1987.6 B.Sc., Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Soochow University

Research Interest

Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmacokinetics

Quality Evaluation of Novel Particulate Drug Delivery Systems

In vitro Model Drug Metabolism via Tissue Engineering techniques

Publication and Patent

1. Yu Jiang-nan , Xu Ximing, Fu Haizhen, et al. Study on the distribution of fluorouracil delivered via albumin microspheres in mice by HPLC. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2002, 37(12) (EI indexed)

2. Yu Jiang-nan , Tong Shanshan, Zhu Yuan, Xu Ximing, et al. Determination of silybin content in silybin lipid nanoemulsion. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2003, 38(11) (EI indexed)

3. Xu Ximing, Yu Jiang-nan , Cai Chenguo, et al. Ethyl acetate as oil phase for preparation of adriamycin albumin microspheres. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2004, 39(12) (EI indexed)

4. Xu Ximing, Zhu Yuan,Li Qiang, Yu Jiang-nan , et al. Preparation of silybin loaded nano-micelles and pharmacokinetic evaluation in mice. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2005, 40(24) (EI indexed)

5. Xu Ximing, Shen Yuping, Yu Jiang-nan , et al. Study on preparation of sustained PELA microspheres containing ReSjcMI vaccine. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2005, 40(14) (EI indexed)

6. Xu XM, Yu JN , Zhu Y, Tong SS. Lipid nanoparticles of SLB for liver targeting after oral administration (Issued Patent No. ZL200510094008.x)

7. Xu XM, Yu JN , Zhu Y. High bioavailability formulations of poorly soluble drugs using PVP-Leithin-Bile salt nano-micelles (Issued Patent No. ZL 200510037848.2)

8. Xu XM, Yu JN , Zhu Y. Pluronic block copolymers as novel polymer for constructing mixed nano-micelles for poorly soluble drugs (Issued Patent No. ZL200410065983.3)

9. Yu JN , Xu XM, Shen S, Zhu Y. High efficiency controlled release preparations of silybin after oral administration (Patent Pending, No. 200610096780.x)

10. Yu JN , Xu XM, Li Q. Silybin Dimer Self-emulsifying Microemulsion: Preparation and Evaluation (Patent Pending, No. 200710191353.4)

11. Yu JN , Xu XM, Shen Z, Zhu Y. Formulation of polyphase pro-liposomes containing silybin (Patent Pending, No. 200710191464.5)

Contact Information

Tel : 86-511-88797078

Email : yjn@ujs.edu.cn

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