The School of Pharmacy successfully held the 2023 PhD Forum

Time:2023-11-16 Onclick:

In order to strengthen the academic exchange of the school, promote the academic interaction of teachers, and continuously strengthen the academic atmosphere of the school of scientific research, on November 15, the School of Pharmacy held a doctoral forum with the theme of "Learn and reach far, Talk and understand" in the 1301 conference room of the School of Pharmacy. The forum was presided over by Shen Song, vice president of the School of Pharmacy. Liu Zhengxin, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Pharmacy, and young teachers who have been working for nearly three years participated in the forum.

Dr. Wan Jingqiong and Dr. Zhang CAI from the School of Pharmacy made a key speech. With the theme of "Analysis of the synthesis methylation process of DNJ alkaloids in mulberry leaves", Wan Jingqiong elaborated the research methods and experimental results of the subject, especially emphasizing the broad application prospects of DNJ alkaloids in mulberry leaves in the field of new drug research and development. Zhang CAI shared the theme of "Research on the material basis and mechanism of action of liver injury caused by psoralen". From the perspective of modern toxicology research, she introduced the scientific research idea of "finding ingredients - exploring mechanisms - setting standards" in a simple way.

At the meeting, the participating teachers conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme, which showed the enthusiasm of the faculty of Pharmacy for their own research work, and also promoted the collision of ideas and academic integration between different research fields.

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