The School of Pharmacy held an all-English teaching competition

Time:2023-10-31 Onclick:

In order to improve the full English teaching ability of young teachers and promote teaching through competition, the College of Pharmacy held the sixth Full English Teaching Competition for Teachers on October 30.

A total of 10 teachers were selected and recommended by the teaching and research offices of each department to participate in this all-English competition. The participating teachers' rich teaching content, professional classroom teaching and fluent English expression demonstrated their profound professional heritage and good teaching ability.

The expert judges made on-site comments and feedback on the performance of the participating teachers, put forward some common problems to discuss with the participating teachers, and put forward constructive improvement suggestions for each contestant, helping the teachers to continuously improve the level of all-English teaching.

The competition finally selected 3 first prize, 3 second prize and 4 third prize. Among them, Lu Shan and Chen Zhen will represent the college to participate in the school-level English teaching competition, hoping that they can achieve excellent results in the school competition.

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