The College of Pharmacy held a celebration for the alumni of Grade 1999 to return to school

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On September 9th, 32 alumni majoring in pharmacy of Grade 1999 of Pharmacy College returned to their alma mater to celebrate the 20th anniversary of graduation. Wei Yuan, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Shen Xuemei, Secretary of the Party Committee of medical school, Liu Zhengxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Pharmacy, and some teacher representatives attended the alumni return-to-school celebration. Teachers and students gathered together to reminisce about the past and talk about the better future.

First of all, the alumni held a discussion to talk about the development and changes in the past 20 years since graduation in the conference room 1301 of the College of Pharmacy . On behalf of the school, Shen Xuemei expressed welcome and sincere greetings to the alumni. She introduced the development course of the Medical Department in the past 20 years and the achievements made in reform and development, and expressed heartfelt wishes to the alumni for their respective development. Liu Zhengxin extended a warm welcome to alumni returning to school and introduced the achievements made in Party building, disciplines, scientific research and teaching in the College of Pharmacy in recent years.

Subsequently, the alumni spoke enthusiastically and exchanged views, introduced their personal development one by one, and expressed their pride in the rapid development and achievements of the school in recent years.

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