The Graduate Student Union of School of Pharmacy held an academic salon named “The birth of an academic paper ---- Research writing experience sharing meeting”

Time:2022-12-05 Onclick:

       In order to enhance students’ research paper writing and innovation abilities, the Graduate Student Union of School of Pharmacy held an academic salon with the theme “Methodology of SCI thesis writing” in Room 1204 on November 23th, 2022. Sun Jing, an Associate Professor of our school was invited as the keynote speaker.  

       Starting with “What do the reviewers want”, Sun Jing stated that a good thesis should had the a clear argument, a reasonable design, appropriate quotations and so on. Then, with the combination of his experience, Sun Jing explained the main structure of SCI papers in specific ways: introduction, methods, results and discussion. Discussion was emphasized that writers should avoid lengthy, general-application inferences or explore differences and so on. What is more, Sun Jing introduced the steps and strategies for paper submission in the form of flow chart. In the end, Sun Jing said innovative ideas, reasonable experiments, standard format were all necessary to write a nice paper and publish it. We should have patience and perseverance, planning early, writing repeatedly, modifying repeatedly in order to make a good article.

   The lecture introduced specifically how to write an academic paper, not only providing students with new writing ideas, but also improving their scientific research quality.

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